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                           New Year is my favorite Holiday. We decorate our flat, exchange gifts, put on smart dress. Mum cooks something special in the kitchen. We like rice with chicken. Daddy buys pineapple and oranges and grandma bakes a special cake. December and January are cold months in our country. We don’t arrange parades but make fireworks. What about eggs and sausages for breakfast?  It’s great. I like sausages. Have we got any cheese?- Look in the fridge/-- There is some.- I like bread with cheese and butter. Make some tea, please. Masha go to the shop.- O Key, Mum. Let’s make a shop list.—We have no any cabbage and carrot for soup, And buy some tomatoes and onion. – May I buy any biscuits? –Yes, buy some biscuits and bread. My sister always celebrates her birthday. We decorate her room with balloons, Her friends bring presents. Mum bakes traditional cake. I buy ice-cream and strawberry. We sing, dance and play games. It’s a joy! Проверь лексику по своему учебнику. Могут использоваться другие слова. С приветом, Яновна.