Напишите сочинение про Шекспира , используя who, whose, whom, which и почти готовые предложения ( можно так сказать) 1. ... is the autthor, ... is famous for his book ... 2. It is a story, ... tells us about ... 3. The main character, ... name is ... , lives in the country\ city \ town \ place which is ... 4. He\ she has got a friend \ family ... 5. One day he\ she ... 6. It happens so that .. 7. In the end the main character ... which is great \ sad \ lucky \ happy.

з.ы. эти предложения использовать не обязательно


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Shakespeare is an England writer who is famous for his book "Romeo and Juliet". It is a story which tells us about strong love. The main character, whose name is Romeo, had lived in Verona, which is in Italy. He had a family which called the Montagues. One day he fell in love with Juliet, who was from the the Capulets, which was the enemies of the Montagues. It happens so that Romeo killed Julie's brother and he had to ran away from the town. In the end, which is sad, the main characters all died.

Хотя сочинение вроде как про Шекспира, но, использовав данные предложения, получился рассказ о Ромео и Джульетте.