John was not surprised to see that nobody had met him at the station. The weather __________(BE) awful — it was windy and it was raining hard. His __________(FOOT) got wet in seconds. His old jacket _________(NOT CAN) defend him from the rain or the wind. “If I don't find a shelter and a warm drink, I _________(GET) a cold, and no one will benefit from my coming here,” John said to ___________(HE) and went back inside the railway station. It was the _____________(ONE) time the seventeen-year-old John had ever left his home village where he lived with his mother and two sisters. A letter from his uncle was a surprise but not a pleasant one. His uncle had written that his health was getting worse and that he __________(NEED) someone to help him in his grocery shop. John's mother decided that he __________(GO) to the town to work in the shop. He was far from feeling delighted about it but he was the ___________(OLD) child in the family and it was his duty to help his mother and to support his sisters.


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