Помогите написать рассказ о буром медведе на английском языке (небольшой)
как выглядит, где обитает(В России) и чем питается


Ответы и объяснения

Brown bears are chosen for their residence and taiga, and mountain forests and fertile meadows along the rivers . Their range extends from the Arctic coast , across the tundra and northern forests , to Spain, Italy and Iran in Eurasia and the North American continent - to Mexico . Population of brown bears have in Japan, Hokkaido .

His hair can be dyed in a variety of shades of brown - from tan to dark brown , almost black. Moreover, in his old age - 20-25 years - the ends of hair turning gray , and the bear becomes gray.
Bears are common in Europe , including North Iceland , in the North- West Africa , Asia , except for the Arabian Peninsula in the south- west and the islands of Sulawesi and the Philippines in the south- east, in the Arctic, North America south to central Mexico ; mountain areas north-west of South America. Over the last decade greatly reduced habitat due to human activity ( direct destruction or change of life). Bears have disappeared in large parts of Europe, North America , North Africa and Japan. Inhabit the forests on the plains and in the mountains, and live in treeless mountain areas , the polar bear is found on the coast of the Arctic Ocean and the Arctic ice . All forms of land ; polar bear semiaquatic , sloth , Malay bear - quite highly specialized wood forms . Kept singly or in families with young female and sometimes male. Active mainly at night , partly in the afternoon, sometimes around the clock.

By the nature of power bears are omnivores , some are specialized for eating plant foods, while others - animal .