Пожалусто я весь интернет облазила нет нечего подходящего надо рассказ на англисом про короля арута и рыцарей круглого слола очень при очень срочно

На русском бы писать научились для начала...

Ответы и объяснения

Arthur was the son of British King Uther Pendragon and Igraine . Illegitimate child secretly taken out of the castle wizard Merlin and gave the boy , named Arthur , author of the glorious knight , who had just lost his younger son . Arthur grew up not knowing their origins . According to one version , after the death of Uther Pendragon Merlin powerful nobles told that the heir of the king will be the one who pulls the sword from the stone wonderful , who mysteriously appeared on the main square of the capital . Many knights tried to remove the weapons , but the sword did not budge . At this time, the sixteen Arthur accidentally saw handle sticking out of stone . He picked up her and drew his sword . So resurfaced successor kingdoms Logres , winner wonderful Excalibur sword , " smashing the iron and stone." With the help of Merlin, who became his adviser , young ruler defeated the rebellious barons who did not want to recognize it . According to another version , once deprived of his sword in a duel , the king walked along the lake shore , and suddenly , to his amazement , the water rose hand with a magic sword . This Lady Lake gave him Excalibur , reliable support vlasti.Artur defeated the Anglo-Saxons and the Scottish king Leodegronsu helped in the war against the Irish, and in gratitude for the help received in his wife's daughter Guenevere . Merlin and blessed the couple , according to one version , gave Arthur a wedding famous Round Table, around which there were one hundred fifty chairs with the names of the knights on the backside . Wonderful table prevented quarrels over the place symbolized the unity and reminded the table of the Last Supper with the holy grail in the middle. Glory and power of King Arthur over the years have increased. He was still a strong body , and now gained wisdom. Queen Guenevere remained just as lovely , and the Knights of the Round Table , performed their feats - looking for the Grail , fought rescued beauties.