Помогите пожалуйста! Нужно дать советы подросткам(на английском),у каждого из них своя проблема,!
Как можно скорее!!!!!

1. I
am new at school and very shy. recently some kids have been bullying me by saying nasty things about the way i look. I am afraid that if i speak to any of the teachers , things will get worse. I keep missing school because of it . How can i put an end to all this ?
Stuart(14) Manchester

2.I got bad marks in my exams and now my parents want me to quit the football team. Football`s my life ! Help !
David (15) London

I don`t like the way i look . I hate the pimples on my skin and i have gained a lot of weight ! What can i do?
Sarah(16) Birmingham

4.I want to go on holiday this summer . My parents say it is too expensive and i am too young to go my own . Any advice?
Karen(15) Glasgow


Ответы и объяснения

1. Do not be afraid! Try to meet the children, make new friends. All will be well.
2.David, try to study well. It's not difficult, I promise. When your study will be adjusted, you can achieve your dreams.
3.Sarah, you're very young. You should not worry about appearance. It's not important! The main thing  is your heart.
4. You're 15! Of course you're young  to go on vacation. Wait a little time. Relax at home with friends.

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