сочинение на тему:"Являются ли путешествия средством изучения мира или удовосьствием.Проблемы путешествий."Огромное спасибо!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Traveling is a great way to get to know the world around you. For as you travel, you encounter different cultures, adventures, and things that were possibly way out of your imagination. If we don't travel, then we will remain close-minded, and won't have a good understanding of the world. But besides that, traveling is just fun. Who knows what adventures you may get into! Although there are also the dangerous adventures, where you can get lost, robbed, or have no money, or just right out don't know what to do! These kind of problems happen often in traveling. Other problems are that you can't ask anyone for help, because you don't know their language, or even if you know the most known language in the world, English, it still doesn't help you! For often people don't even know English! But even though these types of problems may occur time to time, it still is worth it to travel, and a experience that can't be forgotten.