Ответы и объяснения

1) Candy shop, grocery, bakery, shoe store, gift shop, stationer's and so on.
2) In candy shop you can buy sweets or cakes. In grocery you can by milk, sweets, cheese, just anything. In shoe store you can buy new pair of boots or trainers. In a gift shop you can find lots of nice little things. In stationer's shop you can find everything for school/university. 
3) Of course. For example, I'm goint to grocory store. This is my shopping list: cheese, milk, chocolate, oil and apple juice.
4) I were in grocery store and stationer's yeasterday.
5) Scissors, two pencils, a bottle of mineral water and some apples.
6) Kilo of apples.
7) Not that much, about 300 rubles.
8) I think that it's food.
9) In plastic bags, I guess.
They bought all the groceries at the dairy department.