составъте два диалога на английском языке...налюбую тему,зврание спасибо!


Ответы и объяснения


1) Friend: *where are you fishing?*

Paul: *we are fishing in the lake. I think my father likes fishing more than any other spare time activity*.

friend: *you look surprised in the picture. Who are you surprised?*

Paul: *i see a very big fish. It"s beautiful! I like it.


Its a good lessons for you

Olga--i m afraid of english.I have not done my lessons and the teacher will ask me.I have no mark.

Ann--I shall answer instead of you i*m ready for the lessons.He will not know that I am Ann and you are Olga.

Olga--All right.Thank you.

Teacher--Good morning children!Who is on duty today?

1(st)pupil--I am.Today is the twenty-first of January.Ivanov is absent.

The class is ready for the lessons.

Teacher--Thank you!Now let me see who will answer the lessons today...Well Olga come to the blackboard.Are you ready to answer?

Ann(goes to the blackboard)---Yes I am.

Teacher--Read lesson 10 please.