Complete the sentences usinf the correct form of the words in brackets.
1. John is by far the___(talanted) pupil in the art class.
2. Which of Beethoven's composition do you think is the___(famous)?.
3. Sue has been practicing a lot, so her artwork is getting___(good) and___(good) all the time.
4. That's the___(bad) film I've ever seen, the characters were shallow and the ending was dull and predictable.
5. Nick sculpts much___(accurately) than I do because he pays attention to every little detail.
6. The___(much) Anne practiced, the___(easy) it became for her to paint portraits.
7. The author's book is quaite good, but it's not as___(interesting) as his last novel.
8. Willard Wigan's sculpures are the___(tiny) works of art in the world.


Ответы и объяснения

1) the most talanted
2) the most famous
3) better and better
4) worst
5) more accurately
6) more, easier
7) interesting
8) tiniest