Напишите диалог.(8-10 реплик)

Нужен диалог,как друг(подруга) рассказывает твоему товарищу про поездку.


Ответы и объяснения

  • Raffine
  • почетный грамотей
- John! Long time no see. What's the news? 
-Hello, Sarah, I missed you so much! You see, I was in London last week, so I couldn't call you. 
- It doesn't matter, so, how did you like this city?
-Oh, it was really amazing! My hotel was located near the Trafalgar Square and London's National Gallery. I spent a lot of time wandering nearby. 
-That's cool. I have never been to London, but I heard that it is a marvelous city. But did you go there to visit some sights or just to have a rest?
-You see, it's almost impossible to have a rest in such a noisy city, so my major goal was to find some entertaining places of interest. You know, that I took up photography, so I have a huge album with photos from London. Do you want to estimate it right now?
-Certainly! But, before we go, tell me a little more about your trip. Did you bring some souvenirs or brochures? 
-Of course, I brought some souvenirs, and I also have one for you. This is a ship in the bottle from the National Maritime Museum! 
- Oh! It's very nice, thank you so much! It was your favourite museum in London?
- I liked it, but I consider the British Museum was more spectacular. I needed three days to explore it! 
- It's amazing! I heard about British library which is situated in this museum, did you like it?
- Unfortunately, it was closed, but I took some photos of Egypt Section with genuine mummy!
- Oh, your story was so interesting, that I completely forgot about your album! Let's go to this cafe, you'll show it to me.
- Alright! Let's go.
Уф, 20 минут сочиняла. Сори если будут какие нибудь мелкие ошибки в словах