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It was a harsh winter. Everything was covered in snow. Had a hard time of little sparrows. Poor things is nowhere could find food. Sparrows were flying around the house and chirping plaintively.Sorry sparrows good girl Masha. She began to collect crumbs and drizzled them every day in my porch. Sparrows arrived to feed and soon ceased to be afraid of Masha. So good girl to feed the poor birds until the spring.

Стояла суровая зима. Все было покрыто снегом. Тяжело пришлось от этого воробушкам. Бедняжки нигде не могли найти корма. Летали воробышки вокруг дома и жалобно чирикали. Пожалела воробышков добрая девочка Маша. Она стала собирать хлебные крошки, и каждый день сыпала их у своего крылечка. Воробышки прилетели на корм и скоро перестали бояться Маши. Так добрая девочка прокормила бедных птичек до самой весны.
New year that is about to come ...
New Year is one of my favorite holidays. But this is not just a holiday, but a holiday of miracles and magic. Over the New Year's table with their parents, we will eat delicious cooked dakomstva mom with my help. The chime of bells, I made a wish and be confident that it will come true! On New Year's I floor