Помогите, с письмом пожалуйста, буду очень благодарен
You have received a letter from your
English-speaking pen friend Emma.

...My grandmother’s birthday is in two days but
I haven’t found any present for her yet.
It’s so difficult to find a good present for someone you really love!...

…On what occasions do you give each other
presents? Do you usually buy gifts for your family or do you make them
yourself? What kind of present do you think my granny would be happy to get?
Please, give me some ideas if you can…

Write a letter to Emma and answer her 3

Write 100-120 words. Remember the rules of
letter writing.


Ответы и объяснения

Dear, Emma!
I*ll help you in choosing a present for your granny-mother. For my grand parents, I usually make presente by myself. If you want make a nice present, follow my advice:
present could be a postcard and some beautiful roses or something that your grand-mum really need. For example: tea maker. That*s good thing, because it*s so useful.
Bye for now, (and your name)