1. Here are three ads of the hotels. Read the description of the location and hotel facilities and compare them. Answer the questions: Which hotel:

Alexander Hotel

Helena Hotel

Apollo Hotel

Is the biggest

Is the most luxurious

Has the best facilities

Has the widest choice of restaurants

Has the best transportation

Is the cheapest

Alexander Hotel

Helena Hotel ***

Apollo Hotel****


320 rooms

540 rooms

420 rooms

restaurant, bar, tennis

restaurant, pool, 2 tennis

2 restaurants, bar, 2


courts, shop

pools, 6 tennis courts, 2

sguash courts, Jacuzzi

15 minutes' walk from

5 minutes' walk from

10 minutes' walk from




£290 (for 7 nights)

£310 (for 7 nights)

£380 (for 7 nights)


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