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The fate of Yuri Gagarin was full of events. In his childhood he survived the occupation, and his eyes nearly killed brother Boris, whose German hung on the scarf.

Difficulties tempered by nature boy, did his persistent and hard working. From childhood he dreamed of becoming a military pilot to manage the most rapid and powerful machines. Already the first parachute jump showed strength of the spirit possessed Gagarin. Yuri pulled the ring, but the parachute did not open. Numb fingers he could not find the ring of the reserve parachute, and suddenly the first сработал.Когда instructor saw that Yuri Gagarin was not afraid, I decided to once again try to prove it by offering flight training plane. For the first time Gagarin was on the plane, which was performing aerobatics. When they landed, and the instructor with curiosity looked at the Gagarin, I saw that Yuri was delighted. These were only the first steps Gagarin to the career of a military pilot, but the dream confidently led him to the goal. Then he never thought of what was to become the first cosmonaut, opening a new page in the history of mankind.

Hard work and dedication, courage and the ability to never lose presence of mind allowed to Yuri Gagarin become the first cosmonaut. And still it is an open kind smile remains a bright symbol of dream come true