Say what kinds of people you like and dont like. Explain why
Перевод: сказать, что за люди вам нравится, и не нравится. Объясните, почему На пол листа!


Ответы и объяснения

Не нравятся:
I don't like women envy, malevolence and стервозность. A woman of easy virtue I don't have this exclusion, how can cause arrogant aggressive. Don't like people who hide their emotions, they do not know how to rejoice, or frustrated, neither love nor hate. But hatred is not for the deeds, and people on certain grounds't accept. Mean people don't like, in the eyes sweet as honey, but for the eyes make the bases. Don't like gossips that spinning intrigues and slanders with intent. Don't like people who share the other levels on the basis of SOC. stage and prosperity. I am also divide people into levels (for myself) - only the mind and a kind heart. And in appearance do not like vulgarity and impropriety, even slovenliness me not annoying, at least for themselves and do not accept. This, of course, not all, but it is interesting to compare.