Буквально 5-7 предложений почему я хочу стать доктором на английском языке.

5-7 предложений почему я не хочу стать юристом.


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I want to become a doctor to help seriously ill people, how to open any new disease and to learn the science of humans. that's sick like someone from the family and if they get to the hospital they could cure me. on the ground there are many different doctors oculist, Traumatologist, laryngologist, a therapist, psychiatrist, and so on ... particularly interesting to be a pediatrician to treat children have fun and be a man is not always uniform. particularly difficult is the medical profession - a surgeon there should be no less than in the rest akuratno medical profession. And when you're working with older people here as we are not interested you have to be more reserved and serious man ...

Every day each of us is faced with problems whose solution requires knowledge of certain laws. Sometimes we go ahead and do not assume that everyday problem for the solution of which we have taken is a simple legal decision. What we are younger, the more problems we solve for the first time in life: to go to college or a course, get a job, going to start a family, some of us call to the military agenda, the first earned money to buy something substantial. Much of the first time. There comes a time, almost daily choice, and it means hope, doubt and anxiety, the possible success, but not less than the probable errors and hence the need to find the strength to admit they were wrong and start over. The main thing is not to break the life of themselves or others.

Man must create a support that will support it. The first of these pillars - a good general education. I decided to get this education at the university.

The second pillar needed by each person - is the knowledge of their rights and ability to use them. To help people learn these rights - the duty lawyer. A man must know that his rights are protected by law, that there is a "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", the Constitution of Ukraine, in which a special chapter reflects the rights and freedoms of man and citizen. I am convinced that I have acquired knowledge in the legal field will help many people to get on its feet, to decide what to do next. I would like to teach people good morals first, and then the wisdom to help guide their actions and to avoid violations.

So, I want to become a lawyer, educated, principled, selfless, if possible, the merciful. I want to help people, be it useful to deal with evil words of the Act.