Помогите срочно!
помогите составить 10 вопросов о Лондонском парке
и чтоб вопросы не повторялись !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Я так понимаю, Лондонский парк-это Гайд-парк, да?
1. where is hyde park situated?
2. What is the space of Hyde Park? 
3. Why did the Hyde park got this name?
4. What is the main attraction of this park?
5. When was the historic parade conducted in the Hyde Park?
6. what was the reason for this parade?
7.  who created sculpture of Sir Richard Westmacott which is situated in the Hyde Park?
8. What was the exhibition held in Hyde Park in 1851?
9. What was the movie filmed in the Hyde Park in 1889?
10. Why is it known 
Надеюсь, помогла вам