нужно сочинение на тему "Дикое животное". около 15 предложений. ну на пример о тигре или панде. поделитесь у кого, что есть


Ответы и объяснения


 Tiger is the largest of the wild cats. Tiger is one of the largest terrestrial predators, second only to white and brown bears.Allocated to nine subspecies of tiger, of which the beginning of the XXI century, only six survived. The total number of tigers at the moment of the order of 4000-6500 animals, among them the most numerous is the Bengal tiger. In XX century, the tiger is included in the Red Book. Hunting for a banned worldwide.Habitat of tigers can be quite varied: rainforests, mangrove swamps and thickets of bamboo in the tropics, dry savannas, deserts, bare rocky hills and taiga in the north.


The largest in the world Prica is ostriches. Ostriches live in Africa and in Avtralii. In the ostrich dlinnnaya neck covered with down, a small head, a beautiful black plumage and the wings and tail are white. Ostriches can not fly, their wings and are used for decoration. Ostriches have very long and strong legs. Ostriches eat grass, Goosen, small animals. Ostriches have great vision. They immediately noticed a suspicious animal, and throw themselves out to meet him. Ostrich leg kick as strong as a horse's leg kick.