описание животного пума на английском языке (где обитает ,внешний вид,чем питается ,)Огромное спасибо,тому кто отзовется на просьбу!!!!!!!!Срочно на 10 предложений,плиз!!!


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Pumas(or cougars)are fron North or South America.They live in forests and mountains.They are big cats (1.8 m.long/90 kg)

They have got small heads  and small ears.They are brown or yellow.They have got long legs and can jump 10 m.Pumas live to 12 yers old in the wild?but they live to 19 yers old  in zoos.

Pumas eat big animals.They hunt  them in the day or night.Female pumas have  got 1 to 5 babies.They live with their mother for 2 years.Now pumas are very rare in many areas of America.