Помогите,пожалуйста!Кто может!Вопрос жизни и смерти!ОООООчень нужно!


Ответы и объяснения

1) Yes we have learned
2) Yes I have cooked
3) She has alreavy come
4) They have already typed
5) It's tasty. I have eaten a lot.
6) Yes, I have heard it so many times
7) Yes, I have read about it
8) No, She has gone to Italy
9) Yes, I have written it
10) I have already finished it
Тоже мне десятый класс)
ща продолжение :D
1) for
2) for
3) for
4) since
1) It hasn't rained since September
2) I naven't eaten a caviar for ages
3) I haven't played tennis for a long time
4) I haven't written....
5) I have never gone to Madrid
6) I haven't visited her...
7) I haven't ride a horse since..
8) He hasn't ginven me a present...
9) I haven't bought fruits...
I haven't spoken since...
Спааасибооооооо <3 Просто спасла мне жизнь!
1) haven't got
have left
hasn't answered
have you ever eaten
has recently became
have travelled
have you been
haven't seen
have bought
have lost
have never ridden
have never behaved
А вообще учите англ, это легкотня. Удачи)