Напишите сочинение на английском на тему "Олимпийские Игры в Сочи 2014" около 15 предложений, а именно не меньше 15)

Только предложения должны быть лёгкими,просто мне ещё нужно его выучить

Ответы и объяснения

Olympic Games is most popular sport competition in the world. In this year the Olympic Games was in Sochi. It is Russian town in the coast of Black sea. I think, a lot of people were waiting these games.  I watched it in on TV. It was gorgeous!  It was very beautiful and exciting show. I liked to watch figure skating. It was cool. So many our sportsman won first place. I’m very proud of it. Also, I was very interested in skiing. It’s dangerous but exciting sport. Now, i'm waiting next Olympic Games in Korea. I hope It will be as much interesting as these games.
Надеюсь правильно :)