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Make sentences with the righ form of going to.

1. What/ Kate/ teach?
2. She/see her relatives?
3.you/travel by coach?
4. i/ take any photos/ I haven`t got my camera.
5. Monica and Kate/go by train. They/get a Greyhound bus/
6.they/ visit the Niagara Falls?
7. where/they/spend the weekend?
8. what/they/do?
9.they/visit any theme parks?

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Ответы и объяснения

What are Kate going to teach?
Is she going to see her parents
Are you going to travel by coach?
I'm not going to take any photos...
M. and K. are not going to go by train. They are going to get ...
Are they going to visit...
Where are they going to spend...
What are they going to do
Are they going to visit any...?