Помогите составить рассказ "Imagine that you have decided to organise a museum"
1. what kind of museum it is going to be.
2.location:at school, somewhere in your neighbourhood...
3 exhibits: photographs, pots, recipes, crib sheets (шпаргалки)
4. how to improve your collection
5 ....


Ответы и объяснения

Me and my friends decided to do something interesting this summer.When we started thinking about ideas,i remembered interesting storys about fishing that my father told me.We had an idea about opening a museum with fishing theme,but couldnt fine place for it.Luckely,our principal told us,that there is a room in the basement at school and that we can use it.We were very excited about our new idea and started to look for things we could put in our museum.Some of us brought photos with fishes,or people who were fishing,the others brought recipes about how to cook a fish.I myself started to look for old newspapers with interesting storys about fishermans.When we were finished,and took a look at our museum,it was a lovely scene and we understood that our job is completed.
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