помогите пожалуйста. presets simpole or present continios?

1/ what .. you ..(to want) - i ... some tea (to want).

2/ who the rums (to play)? - it is my little brother/ he /// the drums very well ( to play )

3/ when ... you ... the house ( to leave)?- at 8. 30 in the morning.

4/ what ... you ... ( to do)? - i ... my homework ( to do)

5/what ... the boys ... at the moment ( to sing)? - they ... an old english song ( to sing)


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1. What do you want-I want some tea.-present simple

2/Who is playing the rums?-it is my brother, he plays drums very well.-pr. continous        

When do you leave the house?-at 8.30 in the morning.-pr. simple

4.What are you doing?-I`m doing my homework.-pr. continous

5.What are the boys singing at the moment?-They are singing an old english song.-pr. continous

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1/ What do you want? - I want some tea.

2/ Who is playing the drums? - It is my little brother. He playes the drums very well.

3/ When do you leave the house?-  at 8. 30 in the morning.

4/ What are you doing? - I am doing my homework.

5/What are the boys singing at the moment? - They are singing an old english song.