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Give (gave),


Grow (grew),


Swim (swam),

Draw (Drew),



Weep (wept),

Win (won),


Spell (spelt),

Seek (sought).


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  • Raffine
  • почетный грамотей
1. Don't worry, everybody mistakes sometimes. I mistook in the most important task and failed exam. 
2. It's not interesting to play with my younger sister, because she always hides in the wardrobe. My cat hid in the ditch, so we couldn't find him for a long time.
3. I'll lay the table myself. I laid in the bad till noon because of terrible headache.
4. My mom always gives me an advice in difficult situations. She gave a piece of clay and told me to create a masterpiece.
5. Let's go to the new museum of Harry Potter in London next week? I have no idea where is Sarah, but It seems to me she went to Kate
6. Agronomist is one who grow and select plants. Last summer I grew a perfect currant in my granny's garden. 
7. Let's shake hands and forget about quarrels. He shooke my hand, so I heard my bones crunched.
8. My father learned how to swim at the age of ten. Yesterday I swam in the lake which is near my father's farm.
9. Don't bother me when I draw with oil paints. She drew my attention with imposing apperance and strange behaviour.
10. He doesn't drink coffee anymore. He drank a cup of tea with my favourite biscuits.
11. I want to drive a bike in such a sunny weather. He drove the car when the accident happened.
12. Let's begin cooking lunch, I'm very hungry. He began to smoke again.
13. Ann, please, stop weeping, it won't help us to solve the problem. I don't understand why she wept, but now everything is alright.
14. For me it doesn't matter to win or to lose, the main thing is to have fun. It's surprising that we won the Olimpics.
15. I always spend my leasure time reading books. I spent all my money on this smartphone.
16. She can't spell the word encyclopedia right. In childhood he spelt this word without making any mistakes.
17. I always seek my wallet under the bed. I sought my key everywhere, but I found nothing.