10 вопросов на настоящее время
10 вопросов на прошедшее время
10 вопрос на будущее время
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Настоящее время
1.Do you like autumn?
2.Do your parents make you do your homework?
3.Whoud you like some juice?
4.What do you think about this dress?
5.How does this look on me?
6.Do they go to the concert?
7.What film do you like the most?
8.Does she know Maths?
9.Do you speak English?
10.Does Ashton like painting?
прошедшее время
1.Did you go to your grandparents last summer?
2.Did the do their homework?
3.How did you spend your holidays?
4.When you were born?
5.How many times did you go to the cinema last week?
6.Where you were when the fire started?
7.Which group did you use to like when you were little?
8.Did you go shopping with your mother yesterday?
9.How many times did you do this exersize?
10.Did your friends make you do their homework?
будущие время
1.Will you go to school?
2.Are you going to be a dentist?
3.Will you leave youre house wnen you grow up?
4.Are they going to go shopping?
5.Will the win the race?
6.How long will they be there?
7.Are you going to travele all around the world?
8.Are you going to go to the concert?
9.Haw many times are you going to pass the test?
10.Will you warry me?