You and your friend feel that you would you like to join a youth movement. Make a dialogue and discuss which of these organizations you would like to join.

The Green Movement

Help-Your-Neighbour Group

Young People for Peace

Young people in Politics

The stay Healthy Movement

Remember to:

discuss all the options

take an active part in the conversation and be polite

come up with ideas

give good reasons

find out your friend's attitudes and take them into account

invite your friend to come up with suggestions

come to an agreement


Ответы и объяснения

Hi bill
How are you
Fine,thanks,how about you?
Pretty well
What are you doing these days?
I m thinking about joining The stay healthy movement
Wow,Thats a great idea,You serious about joining them?
Absolutely,i mean,look at modern world,lots of people get more and more addicted to cigarettes,drugs or alcohol.And i dont like seeing people killing their health.
I see that you are pretty serious about it,and you are right,there are lots of people that are harming their lungs and kidney just because they are bored,i think i l take a part too.
That s great,lets go together there
Sure thing