My name is Elizabeth or Beth. I'm ten. I go to school. I live in London. I like to dance and listen to music. Last summer I was in the country. I had a good time there. I swam and helped my grandpa. I fed the animals and took the horse for a walk. I can ride a horse now.

I have a parrot. Its name is Jimmy. Jimmy is green and yellow. Jimmy can speak and play. It's funny.

Soon it will be Christmas. I asked Santa Claus to give me roller skates.

And what about you? What's your name? How old are you? What do you like to do? Do you like summer? Do you have a pet? Where were you last summer? What did you do there? What present would you like for New Year?

Please write back.

Yours, Beth

Dear ______________________________________________________

Thank you for your letter.

My name is _________________________________________________

I am _______________________________________________________

I like to ____________________________________________________

I like _______________________________________________________

I have ______________________________________________________

I was _____________________________________________ last summer.

Last summer I ________________________________________________

I'd like ___________________________________________ for New Year.

Best wishes,

прочитай письмо и напиши ответ срочно


Ответы и объяснения

1) Elizabeth 2) (Ваше имя) 3) I'm 12. I go tout school. I live in Russia. 4) I like listen to music. 5) I like reading books and going out with my friends 6) I have a pet. It's a dog. He is big and very lazy animal! 7) I was in London last year. And it was fantastic 8) I'd like to visit the New York 9) Your penfriedn, (ваше имя)