Переделайте предложение в вопросы, пожалуйста!
1)if she lives in an agricultural area, where exactly
2)if she has ever argeued with her parents(teachers), when exactly
3)if she has been badly injured, when exactly
4)if she has any realitives(friends) at University, when they entered thier universities
5)if she can remember a book in which a chatacter rescued a person or an animal and what book it was
6)if she has ever helped injured people or injured animals and where exactly it was
7)when and why she writes brief letters, has brief talks or brief holidays
8)what languages she speaks fluently

А какие предложения?
а где само задание?
пишу-там 8 предложений

Ответы и объяснения

1)Where exactly do you live in agricultural are
2)When exactly have you ever argued with her parent(teachers)
3)When exactly were you badly injured
4)When exactly did your parents(friends) entered their universities 
5)What exactly was a book in which charachter rescued a person
6)Where exacly did you help injured animals
8)Which language exactly do you speak fluently