Эссе 200-250 слов на тему: "Интернет в нашей жизни. за и против" нужно высказать свое мнение, написать проблему, и всё такое, должно быть 5 абзацев

попробую написать на абзацы сам сможешь разделить?
когда тебе надо это сдать?
максимум завтра до 10 часов утра

Ответы и объяснения

The internet is a net, where people can communicate. A lot of people prefer internet to books. But there are certain pros and cons to be considered. on the one hand, this net helps people to overcome a lot of problems and jobs. with its help people can share their knowledge, wisdom, and other useful qualities. So,to some extent the Internet is a useful net. but on the other hand, there are some disadvantages.to stary with, this net can do great damage to mankind.also, many of people spend a lot of time in the empty although at this time the people could do a lot of good for the surrounding world. now much less children began to walk and to communicate them more interested in playing online games with imaginary friends.to my mind, internet is thery usefull thing, only if not much of it carried away and not to lose the mind.
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