It was July 13, 2010, and it was my thirteenth night at Saddlewood, an equestrian sleepover camp in Peterborough. Saddlewood has two large barns and four main paddocks that house 150 horses, and its numerous riding trails snake through acres of field and forest. My first year at Saddlewood, I learned the legend of the horse ghost named Legermist. All the campers were gathered around a small campfire at nine in the evening, when the camp counselors told us the story. Legermist was a white horse,

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 Как-то ночью в одном лагере четверо мальчиков пошли без спроса купаться на речку. Приходят на берег. Светят фонариками телефонов. Видят табличку: "Не писайте в речку". А мальчикам как раз хотелось в туалет. Они залезли в воду, сделали свои дела, а потом стали плавать.
      Вылезают на берег. Смотрят - а их только трое. Стали кричать тихонько: "Дима! Димон! Димыч!" Но тот пропал. Тут взглянули на табличку. Смотрят - а на ней трусы висят. И эти трусы были как раз того мальчика по имени Дима. Испугались они. Вернулись в лагерь.
      Весь лагерь искал этого Диму целый день. Но так и не нашли.
      На следующее утро случилась еще беда. Еще один из этих мальчиков пошел умываться. Моет лицо, моет. Смотрит - какая-то красная грязь смывается с лица. Много грязи. Он трет лицо хорошо. Но тут перестал видеть. Другие дети смотрят - а у этого мальчика вместо лица кости. И руки тоже стали костлявыми. Позвонили в "скорую помощь", но она пока ехала, мальчик умер. А ночью кто-то стащил его трусы и повесил на ту самую табличку рядом с другими трусами.
      Лагерь закрыли. Детей отдали родителям.
      И вот как-то третий мальчик идет в городе рядом с фонтаном. Тут из фонтана вырывается струйка воды, бьет мальчика в голову, прямо в висок, он падает мертвым.
      Четвертый мальчик понял, что все дело в том, что они кого-то обидели. Он приехал на то самое место. Смотрит - на табличке уже трое трусов висит. Тогда он стал извиняться перед речкой. Долго извинялся. Решил, что его простили. Идет на автобусную остановку. Купил лимонада. Выпил. Тут весь этот лимонад замерз у мальчика прямо в желудке.
One night in one camp, four boys went without demand swimming in the river. Come ashore. Shine flashlights phones. See a sign: "do Not write in the river." And the boys just wanted to use the toilet. They climbed into the water, made their Affairs, and then began to swim.
Climbing out onto the shore. Look - and only three. Cried out softly: "Dima! Dimon! Димыч!" But he was lost. Here looked at the plate. Look - and her panties hanging. And these briefs were a boy by the name of Dima. They were frightened. We returned to camp.
The entire camp was looking for this Dima whole day. But never found.
The next morning happened still trouble. Another one of these boys gone to wash. Washing the face washes. Watching some sort of red mud is washed off from the face. A lot of dirt. He rubs face well. But then ceased to see. Other children look - and this boy instead of facial bones. And the hand had become bony. Call an ambulance, but it still drove the boy died. And in the night someone stole his pants and hung them on the plate next to other cowards.
The camp was closed. Children have lost parents.
And then the third boy falls in the city next to the fountain. Here from the fountain erupting trickle of water, hit the boy in the head, right in the temple, he drops dead.
The fourth boy realized that all matter is that they have offended someone. He came to the place. Looks - on the plate already three pants hanging. Then he apologized to the river. Apologized. Decided that he was forgiven. Goes to the bus stop. Bought lemonade. Drank. Here all this lemonade is frozen, the boy right in the stomach.

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When I was a child I heard this story from my granny. She told me about one castle, it belonged to one rich man. That man was so unkind, his servants were always afraid of him. He hadn't A wife or children, because he hated everybody. When his time to die came, he said one thing : "I curse this house for centuries". He was buried. Some time later it began, terrible things in that castle. All people visited it died with agony. Children, adults - no difference, they all were been drowned, hanged, and everytime their left hands were cut. People say that all was shenanigans of that castles ghost. One day castle was burned, and now ghost is looking for a new castle in England to make his evil things..