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третий класс любая тема

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V.-We want to buy a costume! We will go to the party and I and Jake want to look good!
P- Of course! Our shop has many costumes. What colour you want...
V. Em.... We want to...
J - May be black, I like black!
V- Ooh.., it's a good idea! I and my frien Vadim buy black costume
P - It's nice! Go to costume sector...
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-Hello (имя твоего друга)! How are you?
-Hi. I'm fine and you?
- I'm good too, thank you.
- Oh hi, (имя твоего второго друга)! I am glad to see you.
- Who knows what is a lesson?
- I'm fine. Oh, (твое имя) I don't know.
- But I know! We have got the math lesson, I remember.
- let's go to the class, friends!