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Задание: Помогите, срочно надо! Задание: вставить в пропуски слова both, and, either, neither, nor. 1) I would like to be … a scientist … a vet.I would like to be a scientist because I want to discover new things and doexperiments. I would like to be a vet because I love animals and I would love to save them!
2) 2) I'd like to be … an air hostess, because they're really kind and have really nice uniforms, … a dancer because I love music, and I'm far better at dancing than at singind!
3) The job I want when I am older is to be a photographer to be able … to earn money … become famous.
4) I want to be a model but I want to be … underweight … muscular.
5)I want to … play my violin in the Royal Simphony Orchestra … be an architect.
6) I want to work … in the police … to be a nurse, because I want to help others who are in need.


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1. either...or