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The right part of Dnipropetrovsk was occupied by facists on August,25,1941.
The facists destroyed Dniprogess in Zaporizhia, water level fell, that's why the right bank became higher.
The facists biult on the right bank of the Dnieper a great wall on the coast and named it "The Eastern Wall".
People's life were difficult, many of them died from hunger and thousands were killed by the facists.
Red Army began a battle in autumn 1943.
It was difficult, because the water of the Dnieper was boling by bombs.
On October, 25, 1943 Dniepropetrovsk was liberated.
Ther are three memorials tk the liberators: the tank, the monument of Eternal Glory and the  museum-diorama "The Battle for the Dnieper".