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In recent years, the sport has become
more popular. In our city as more and more people prefer to sport than bad
habits. Many people attend a fitness center and swimming pool.
Someone engaged in running, riding a bicycle. In winter, most people seek in
the woods to go skiing. And go skating at the stadium. Since winter is long in
the Urals, so skiing and skating are the most popular in our city.

Sport does very good and useful. In
the first place, because the sport is our life, it helps us not just sit and
move and live. We spend a lot of time in front of computer and TV, we
go on transport. So I think that should do sports everything from the smallest
to the elderly. Sports and improves health mood. This is an activity that
occupies your free time; as well you can meet new people.

Sport for me is all life, luck and
everything else I do only volleyball. And as I prefer winter skate.


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Last years, sport became more popular. In our city, as more and more people prefer to play, what плохопривычки. Many people visit the center of fitness and floating store.Anybody brought over to at run, riding a bicycle. In winter, most people I search тдревесины, to carry out ski sport. And attack rolling on skates on a stadium. Since in the winter of длинныйУрал, so going for skis and skating are most popular in our city.Sport does very good and useful. Впервое place, because sport is our life, she helps us not only идвигайтесь sit and live. We conduct plenty of time before a computer and TV, мыпродолжайтесь transport. So I think that it must do sport all from маленькогок to the elderly people. Sport and improves a health mood. It is activity, чтозанимает your spare time; also you can meet new people.Sport for me is all life, success of ивсе yet I do volley-ball only. And because I prefer winters (Вот так)
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