О некоторых природных заповедников в нашей стране.
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Reserves Of Russia
Domestic reserves are the most effective for nature protection of the areas where they operate. In them the human impact is reduced to a minimum, thanks to which scientists can better assess the current state of nature and to carry out work on its restoration.
Reserves of Russia, thanks to its activities, preserved and restored the popularity of many animals that were harvested and give our country medicinal raw materials, furs and other valuable products.
Заповедничество in Russia started to form in the early 20th century and has come a long and difficult period of the formation and flourishing in the 70s. The first reserve in Russia - Barguzin biosphere reserve was established in 1916 on the northeast coast of lake Baikal, to study and restore the population of sable, уничтожавшегося because of its valuable pelts. Today it is the oldest nature reserve in Russia.
Fundamental differences of Russian reserves from foreign scientific and scientific and technical tasks of the country. One such challenge is the strict protection of animal and plant worlds, and the immutability of the landscapes in the region for the analysis of the human factor on the change in the nature.
Reserves of Russia have made impressive progress on the restoration of endangered species, which shows the correct way of development of the protected sites and smoothes the effect of man.