сочинение по английскому на тему "компьютер" или "мобильный телефон"..но только не из интернетааа) пожалуйста


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The computer turned into a universal remedy for processing of all types of information used by the person. Since childhood we get used to fascinating computer games, fascinating "teaching tools"; we learn to read, write, draw, without departing from the screen; right there we watch movies, we listen to music. Our parents by means of this car make and transfer documents, write business letters, communicate with colleagues on business. Modern achievements allow to contact quickly the help of the Internet with an every spot on the globe and to learn about all the newest information. By means of the computer it is possible to develop the situation of the house corresponding to all tastes and desires of the person, to pick up suitable style in clothes, a hairdress, cosmetics and many other things.
Certainly, all this is very important for the person. Therefore the advantage of the computer is huge. But recently scientists and physicians began to say even more often that this device isn't too safe for human health. We so got used that a lot of things can be made by means of the car that we wouldn't like to write, make independently even the simplest calculations.