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Какой текст сократить надо?
People have been polluting the planet on which they live for many years.The result is very sad.We all live in a polluted world.Pollution started in a small way, but then it began growing and soon we all shall be in danger.The time has come to save our planet, to protect people, animals and plants from dying.First of all countries should have strong laws to control pollution, to protect animals and plants.Governments should be responsible for protecting nature.
Today the law in some countries says:"The polluter must pay.If a person damages trees or animals, he must also pay." But unfortunately such good laws don't always work.Scientists often meet and talk about ways of helping mature,and politicians in many countries listen to them and are beginning to talk about this too.
Countries can open national parks.They are big and usually very beautiful places without buildings.These are homes for animals living freely and also for birds, trees and flowers.Visitors can go there but they can't hunt there.Politicians can think of ways to stop hunting.
Governments should also find ways to recycle things we have used: paper bags and plastic bags, plastic bottles and cans, glass and metal things.They should build recycling factories.Governments must control amd if nacessary,close dangerous plants and factories.We all must work together to ,make our planet a safe and beautiful place to live.