Поставь глагол в Passive Voice
1. The tickets ( to buy ) by my mother two days ago.
2. He ( to ask ) at every lesson.
3. The match ( to show ) tomorrow.
4. The book ( to write ) by a famous English writer.
5. The portrait ( to paint ) by my grandmother.
6. A big fish ( to catch) by my father yesterday.
7. The holiday ( to celebrate )next weekend.
8. A sick boy ( to send ) to a doctor yesterday.
9. Many English books ( to publish ) every year in Russia.
10. The distance ( to run ) by a sportsman very quickly.
11. My parents ( to ask ) to come to school by my teacher.
12. New trees ( to plant ) in the park next spring.
13. A child ( to take ) for a walk by grandmother in the afternoon.
14.Your question ( to answer ) in the next program by a professor Marn.
15. My dress ( to make ) by my mother.

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bought, asks, will show, was written, was painted, will celebrate, sent, publish, ?, asked, will plant, was taken, will answer, was made
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Ответы и объяснения

was bought, is asked, will show, was written, was painted, was cought, will be celebrated, was sent, publish, was run, asked, will be planted, was taken, will be answered, was made
а я не так прочитал. там везде треья форма. щас исправлю
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что словарь?
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