The education system in Australia(0) consists of 12 years. A lot
of children start(1)____ at the age of 5 years(Year 1) and the child
studies there(2)_____ they are around 12 years old(Year 7). for
children up to 5 years, but the main There are many types
of(3)_________ ones are the"Child Care regulated centres or families.
Students go to(4)__________ school when they are 12-13 years(Year 8).
The(5) ________ education is up to Year 10. The Years 11 and 12 are
(6) _________ but are necessary if student wants to
get(7)_________education. Students who leave school in a course. The
last 2 years of Year 10 can start working or take any(8) _____________
high school are where students begin to lead their(9)___________
towards their chosen professions. The students will(10)______________
what to study depending on the career which they want to follow. For
example a student who wants to do Engineering in University
should(11)___________ subjects such as physics, and high level
mathematics instead of subjects such as history, or biology. The(12)
_____________ of the last two years are the most important ones, good
results are necessary to(13)______________ a university Students
have(14) ____________ from Monday to Friday, 8:45 am to 3 pm, with
a(15)____________ for lunch. (16) _____________ activities such as
soccer dance practice, class es, etc. are done after school hours or
Saturday mornings. Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere and so the
academic year(17)_____________ at the end of January and finishes in

1) primary; (2) until/till; (3) education; (4)
secondary;(5) compulsory; (6) optional; (7) higher; (8)
vocational; (9) education;(10) choose; (11) choose/study/take; (12)
results; (13) enter; (14) lessons;(15) break; (16) Extracurricular;
(17) starts

Сделайте Перевод плиз плиз плиз зарание спасибо за помошь

Перевести весь текст? или вставить недостающие слова?
тест со словами плз плз плз
со словами с разу

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Система обучения в Австралии состоит из 12-ти лет. Большинство детей начинают школу с пяти лет(Year 1 = первый класс) и учатся там до двенадцати лет (то есть до Year 7 = седьмой класс).  
Потом с 12-13 лет дети идут в так называемую high school (старшую школу) где учатся с восьмого по двенадцатый класс.
Классы необходимые для аттестата об окончании школы - 10 классов. Последние два класса желательны для прохождения, но необязательны (другими словами, как в России - 9 классов) и т.п.

1 - primary school
2 - until/till
3 - education
4 -secondary
5 - compulsory 
6 - optional
7 - higher
8 - vacational
9 - lessons
10 - choose
11 - choose/study/take
12 - results
13 - enter
14 -education
15 - break
16 - Extracurricular; 
17 - starts

результаты последних двух классов являются самыми важными, так как именно они решают идёшь ты в университет или нет.
В Австралии учатся с понедельника по пятницу с 8:45 утра по 3.