Make true answers to the following questions:
1. Have you ever flown by plane? When was it?
2. Have you ever given your favorite books to your friends? When did you do it?
3. Have you ever made tea or coffee? When did you last do it?
4. Have you ever found anything in the street? What was it?
5. Have you understood the prestnt tense? When did you understand it?
6. Have you ever fallen down? Where was it?


Ответы и объяснения

1 I flown by plane in last year 
2 in last months i given to my friend my favourite book
3 today morning before school i made a tea
4 i haven't been found something on street
5 i have understand present tense on English lesson
6 when i was on the sea i fallen down 

Спасибо, но не совсем так. Ответы, используя модель Yes, I have; No, I have not. Плюс глаголы в нужном времени в пояснении.
Yes I had,a fee weeks ago.
Yes, i did last moth i gave it to my friend
Yes i did, todsy at the morning
No i didnt
Yes i did, at home when i was studying
No i havent