1.George and Jan are talking about their last holiday.Read and comolete.Use was.wasnt.were or werent.
George:The hotel was old.
Jan:No,it 1)... lt 2)... new!
George:The rooms were small.
Jan:No,they 3)... .They 4) really big!
George:The owner was Austtralian.
Jan:No,he 5)... . He 6)... American!
George:The food was bad.
Jan:No,it 7) ... .It 8) ... great!
George:The weather was cold.
Jan:No,it 9) ... .It 10) ... really hot!
2. Complete the questions,using was or were.Then match them to the answers.
1) Paul/at school/yesterday?
2)John and Jane/on holiday/last week?
3)The food/nice/at lunchtime?
4)The shops/open/yesterday?
A)Yes,it was yummy!
B)Yes,they were.
C)No,he was ill.
D)Yes,they were in France.
5.Read about Neals day and complete.Use:was or were.
Yesterday was great!
By Neal.
Was at home yesterday.I 1) ... with my friend,Peter,in the morning.We 2) ... in my room playing.My new game 3) ... really good,but Peter 4) ... the winner! In the afternoon,I 5) ... in the living room.There 6) ... a film on about clowns.They 7) ... really funny!Yesterday 8) ... a great day!
6. Now read again and answer the questions.
1)Who was Neal with yesterday morning?
2)Where were they?
3)Who was the winner of the game?
4)What was on TV?
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Первое задание.
1) wasn't
2) was
3) weren't
4) were
5) wasn't
6) was
7) wasn't
8) was
9) wasn't
10) was

Второе задание.
1) Was Paul at school yesterday? (C)
2) Were John and Jane on holiday last week? (D)
3) Was the food nice at lunchtime? (A)
4) Were the shops open yesterday? (B)

Пятое задание.
1) was
2) were
3) was
4) was
5) was
6) was
7) were
8) was

Шестое задание.
1) Neal was with his friend Peter yesterday morning.
2) They were in Neal's room.
3) Peter was the winner of the game
4) The film about clowns was on TV