Востановите вопросы:
Uco gets up at 6 am.
Uco runs in the park in the morning.
Uco has brakfast at 7.45 am.
He comes home at 2 o'clock.
He does his homework.
He has tea at half past five.
Uco goes to bed at nine o'clock.
-When does he get up?
-Where does he…?
-What does he…?


Ответы и объяснения

has at 7.45 am
does he come home
does he do
does he have tea
does he go to bed
2where doas he run in the morning&
3what does he do in 7.45?
4when does he coming at home?
5what does he doing after it?
6when does he have a tea?
7when does he go to bad?
должно быть правильно