помогите написать небольшой рассказ на английском.Вот задание.

Have you got a familys favourite film which unites all the family?How many times have you watched it?What do you like about the film?Do the members of your family make comments while watching?


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  • kimu
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My family does have a movie that unites all of us together on the couch to watch it on television. This movie is called "Ratatouille". It seems as if a tradition now to watch it all together time to time, be it on holidays or on just the usual mundane days. I feel as if the humour of that movie can never get old, and maybe that's why we have watched it together with my family for so many times. As we watch the movie, we often make the same comments about certain funny scenes. But despite that, it still doesn't get boring, and I even hope that soon we will come together to watch this movie once again.