Complete the sentences.Use the words in the box.
1)away from2)confused3)foreigner4)feel at home5)adapt6)lonely7)in some ways8)in my blood9) move
1)I've always loved the sea.I started sailing when I was very young.The sea's ___________.
2)Tamara's going to travel round Asia.She'll be _________home for three months.
3)Frank doesn't know anyone at his new evening class.He feel quite_________.
4)I'm a bit __________.Is Charles your cousin or your uncle?
5)Mrs Cook doesn't like living in the city.She wants to __________ to the country.
6)Jessica went to love in the USA last year,but she doesn't _________there?so she's coming back to England soon.
7)_____________I like Ellie,but we don't always get on well with each other.
8)My uncle's got a new job in Alaska,but he isn't enjoying it.He can't _________to the cold climate.
9)At first,Marek was a _________ in a strange country,but now England is his home.
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