ПОЖАЛУЙСТА НУЖНО ОТВЕТИТЬ НА ВОПРОСЫ. 1.When does spring begin ?---- 2. What is the last winter month ? --- 3. Whwn can you see daffodils in the parks and gardens? ---------- 4. When can you see roses ?---- 5.What are winter months ?--- 6. What month is the first mobth of spring ? ---- 7. What mobth is the middle of the summer?-------------. 8. Is it dark outside? ------. 9 Is it warm in the room ?--------.10. Is it cold in the north ?--------------. 11. Is it warm in May? ---------------.


Ответы и объяснения

1)The spring begins in March
2)Last month winters February
3)I can see flowers in gardens in the spring
4)I can see roses in gardens
5)December, January, February
6)The first month of spring is March
7)Middle of summer July
8)Possibly it is a flower
9)-( Что может быть тёплым в комнате ? =) )
10)It is a wind
11)It is weather