ВОСПОЛНИТЕ ПРОБЕЛЫ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА. 1December, January and February are----------------- months. 2. ------------- is the first month of the year. 3.------------------- is the seventh month of the year. 4---------------- is the twelfth month of the year. 5. September, October and November are ------------------ months. 6. My birthday is in---------------------. 7. My mother's birhday is in-----------------. 8. June, July and Augyst are-------------------- months. 9. My favourite month is-------------. 10. We go to school in----------. 11. March, April and May are---------- months. 12. We finish school in--------. 13 My parents usually go on holiday in-------------.ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ПОМОГИТЕ.


Ответы и объяснения

1)are winter months.2)January is the first.3)July is the seventh.4)December is the twelfth.5)autumn months.6)6,7,9,13-конкретная информация у тебя где-то,8) summer months 10)in september,11)spring months,12) in may.
Winter, January, July, February, autumn, June, March, summer, July, September, spring, May, June or July.