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1)When i moved to a new place,i was interested to meet the local children.
2)When i soo those famous landmarks,i recognized them immidiatly.
3)its nice to have time for yourself when all the work is done.
4)I promised to buy some souvenirs .
5)When we came out of the airoport,i was already dreaming about trying the local cuisine.
6)My sister told me to practise the language.
7)All my friends are going to visit museum today.
8)I would like to visit a local market if its alright with you.
9)If i could, i would lie on the beach all day.
10)When i have the time, i love to explore nature.
11)Today we must go on guided tours.
1. After we met the locals we decided to see all famous landmaks of this place.
2. I am always too busy to have time to myself.
3. My friend bought souvenirs for all her family.
4. I love to try the local cuisine in new cities.
5. My mum and I like visiting museums during our trip.
6. Jack don't want to visit local markets with his grandparents.

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