составить 8-10 предложений на англ.языке для презинтации на тему Моя любимая сказка(сказка любая)


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  • почетный грамотей

Cказка про лягушку

_Once upon a time there was a hansome prince who had been turned into a frog by a witch.

_The frog lived in a lake in the garden of a big castle.

_The castle belonged to the king.

_One day  while his daughter was playing with her ball it fell into the water.

_The frog offered to help her if she gave him kiss.

_The princess agreed but when the frog gave her the ball she wouldn*t give him a kiss and ran back to the castle.

_When her father found out ,he  was furious.

_"You have to keep your promise," he said.

He made her go back to the lake and call the frog.

_When she kissed him,the frog turned into a handsome prince.

_They got married and lived happily ever after.